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Environmental Test Equipment
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Bench Top Chambers

Bench Top Chambers

Used to test various types of materials for their tolerances under condition of heat, cold, dry, humidity.
Application: Quality inspection for all types of electronic products, electric appliance, and products from communication, instrument, automobile, plastic, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical and aerospace industries.


2.Internal dimension:40*40*40cm(W*H*D)
3.Temperature control method:BTHC
4.Working temperature: +5¡æ ¡«+35¡æ
5.Heater: Ni-Chrome heaters
6.Humidifer: shallow slot heaters
7.Temperature and humidity sensor: PT100 dry and wet ball sensor
8.Temperature range:- 20 ¡æ ¡«+150¡æ
  Humidity range    :  30% ~ 98%RH           
9.Temperature fluctuation:¡À0.5¡æ
10.Humidity fluctuation:¡À1%RH
11.Humidity uniformity¡À3.0% R.H
12.Heating time: -20¡æ to +150¡æ ?60min.£¨misalignment£©
13.Cooling time: -20¡æ to +100¡æ ?45min.£¨misalignment£©

Structure and components:
1.Inside and outside materials
Inner :SUS304
Outer:Iron+powder coating or stainless steel (Optional)
2.Insulation: PU+fiberglass wool
3.Controller: South Korea"TEMI", Japan "OYO" are optional
4.Refrigeration system: France"Tecumseh" +Enviromentl friendly refrigerant
5.Protection system:compressor overheat, overcurrent,overvoltage,heaters dry burning preventation,chamber over heat,water shortage alarm
7.Standard accessory:View glass window£¨lamp£©,1 piece 50mm cable hole,2 sets sample racks(adjustable height)
communication interface£¬recorder¡¢glass door and operation hole

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